What the hell do they know anyway

(Vampire Weekend comes on my iTunes Genius mix)

Me:  Did you know these guys have the number one album in America right now?

A:  (lip curled in visible contempt) Who?

Me:  Vampire Weekend.

A:  What do they do?

Me:  Uh, I dunno.  I guess they are these snarky East Coast / Ivy League boys that have a kind of laid-back, Afro-pop thing going on.

A:  What do they sing about?

Me:  I don’t know.  Being privileged.  How they don’t give a fuck about the Oxford comma.  Guys that wear keffiyahs that don’t care about Palestine.

A:  I’m so sick of 22 year old boys singing…about…

Me:  Their lives?

A:  Totally.


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