“Homeless” is probably a bit of an overstatement

As of tomorrow, I’ll be homeless for a week.  This isn’t a very big deal, though I’ve done a remarkably large amount of grumbling about it.  My landlady and I agreed when I took my apartment that I would vacate it for one week in the summer so that she could stay here during a conference.  Somehow “summer” turned into “the middle of the spring semester,” but at any rate, I agreed to this arrangement a while ago and now have to shut up and vacate the premises.  File this under “one of the many consequences of having nothing in writing.”  Rental contracts are totally bourgeois, man.

I’m still debating whether or not to show her the little trick for making the hot water in the shower work.  Right now I’m fifty-fifty on whether or not I let her suffer through icy cold showers for a week.  You know, as a simulation of what the first two and a half months of my stay in Paris were like.  A little taste, you might say.  Let’s see if she isn’t grumbling like a high-maintenance American after a few days.

The good news is that I’ve decided to take advantage of both my temporary eviction and my enviable “work week” to go on a trip to Berlin.  I’ll be staying with three of my favorite people in the world and visiting some old haunts (as I’m sure you suspected, most of my “haunts” involve eating delicious things.)  After a few months in Berlin two years ago, I swore that I would never need to eat German food again.  Ha!  I’m already dreaming about all of the leberwurst, blutwurst, currywurst (I know!) and pickled mackrel that I’ll be eating, washed down with copious amounts of Dunkel and Schwarzbier. Clarence is going to Berlin, people! It’s going to be great.

In the meantime, I hope you have a great Easter.  Regardless of your convictions about that whole resurrection thing, I think that spring is something that everybody can get behind.


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  1. Hattie

    I love the food in Berlin. As a foreigner with a Hawiian tan, I am not so enamored of Das Volk there, who were often quite rude to me because they thought I was a Turk.

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