La Chasse, Part Deux: Victoire!

I almost forgot to mention this:

After two days and anywhere between ten and fifteen miles of dogged searching, B emerged from the forests of Fontainebleau a sunburnt and a triumphant hunter. He is also a very good cook:

That’s a morel and white asparagus quiche, people. He wants to make sure I tell you that he made the crust from scratch. I never do that, even though I often lie and say I do.

In addition to being delicious, I’m happy that this means that I don’t have to slog around in the woods, peering under every rotten tree stump. For a while at least.



  1. B

    You know, it’s been pretty rainy recently, and rain means mushrooms. I may drag you back out there sooner than you’d think.
    Plus, you are going to need more morels for another session of that life-changing, out-of-this-world, next-level pasta you made… unless you intended for that to be some kind of revelatory rupture in my existence that I can never again reach or even approximate. That would just be cruel, though honestly I think I’d make a pretty good Paul on your cream sauce road to Damascus.
    Okay, my morel lust is clearly starting to affect my reason, priorities, and points of reference. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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