We have a winner!

About a million years ago I asked my readers to identify the enormous, bottle-green, soft-flesh, milky, sweet, and vaguely waxy olives that they serve at La Briciola. The lovely Caitlin B. of Denver, Colorado has informed me that they are the much-coveted Sicilian Castelvetrano olives. I’m totally amped about this for two reasons:  1) it’s just good to know such things and 2) B and I are going to Sicily at the end of the month and I’m planning to fill my suitcase to the brim with these little beauties. I promised the contest winner a sweet Keeping the Bear Garden in the Background prize. I searched in vain for a video clip of that scene from Jarmusch’s Stranger than Paradise where Aunt Dottie announces “I am zee vinner!” for you Caitlin, but you’ll have to settle for a small Parisian treat instead. Send me your address pronto to claim your reward!


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