Hey there old man

Today is B’s birthday.  He’s turning one of those rather anticlimactic ages, right at the tail end of one decade and on the cusp of another. He’s a fine specimen of 29 today, folks. I know that these mushy-gushy shout-outs might be getting a little old, especially if you don’t know the guy. Bear with me, okay? I’m not going to post much in the next few days, because we’ve got delicious restaurants to eat at, macaroons to buy, and an antique book market to drool over.

More importantly, here’s sending the best wishes to my best guy. You’re the smartest, funniest, dreamiest, unabashedly dorkiest, and kindest person I know and I thank my lucky stars that we found each other and that you’ve stuck around for so long.  Breaking both your legs Misery-style has certainly helped with the latter. I hope this is the beginning of an amazing year in your life.  Happy Birthday, B!



  1. Tony Beauchamp

    “Misery” style! One of those film moments never to be forgotten — wish B a great year ahead for me. You can’t trust anyone over 30 as they said in the day. . .

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