He’s pretty easy on the eyes too

One of the most consistently delightful people I know also happens to have a consistently delightful blog. He recently linked here, so if you have arrived here via Loquats and Milk, welcome to my dozen-day old world. I’ve been trying to think of a catch phrase for your visit and am coming up a bit short. “Maybe not Loquats, but LOQUACIOUS!” doesn’t really have the ring to it that I’m looking for. If you arrived here in another manner (coersion, likely), please check out Loquats and Milk (accessible on the sidebar, apparently hyperlinks are outside of my skill set). This guy throws excellent parties, has impeccable politics, and is hands-down the best person ever to watch early Sesame Street videos with at three o’clock in the morning when you are a couple of bottles of wine deep. Most importantly, he agrees with me that punching someone in the face is an excellent rhetorical device. He’s got a great knack for writing about Southern California in all of its strangeness and I suspect you’ll really enjoy his blog. Cheers.


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